Commercial Auto

If you are a commercial driver, or if you own a business that employs drivers for transportation purposes, you need a commercial auto insurance policy.

Our commercial auto insurance products include:

GREEN OPTION - New Vehicle Replacement Hybrid Upgrade Coverage gives a customer new vehicle replacement cost coverage for specifically identified autos with the option to upgrade to a hybrid model (or its equivalent) during the first three model-years - an attractive choice for those who want to protect the value of their assets, reduce their energy costs, and do something good for the environment. There's no deductible for this coverage package* - which is unique to the industry.

Restaurants & Liquor Liability

From upscale bistros to family restaurants and pizzerias, our restaurant customers appreciate having a broad policy that includes important coverages such as professional liability and errors and omissions – so that gray areas or gaps in coverage that can exist with multiple insurance policies are minimized.

Business Owner Property (BOP)

We offer a wide range of coverage that protects them from risks to their property, including reimbursement for loss of income and protection from lawsuits that could cost them their livelihood. We also offer a broad range of BOP class codes that cover your office, retail, service and wholesale distributor clients. Within those categories, some of our carriers offer classifications for lessor’s risk, hotel/motel, apartment and condominium business owners.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

We can help you choose liability products that protect the management of private companies and non-profits from liability exposures. Our carriers' products protect corporate assets and, in some instances, provide protection for the personal assets of directors and officers.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

In today’s contentious legal environment, companies usually need at least a second layer of protection against skyrocketing liability verdicts that can cost millions of dollars and exhaust the primary policy limits, leaving your company dangerously exposed. One of our biggest carriers, Fireman’s Fund, offers a full range of liability products for a wide variety of businesses, both small and large.
Larger businesses may need higher limits of liability – excess and high excess coverages that provide added layers of protection. We can write up to $50 million in excess limits for select businesses.